6 Important Questions to Ask a Limousine Service

6 Important Questions to Ask a Limousine Service

At Blackline Car Service, we take pride in our industry knowledge. When you book with a luxury fleet, you should know the most important questions to ask a limousine service. The answers determine your safety, how much you pay for the service, and whether you enjoy a quality experience. 

So, what questions should you ask when looking for the best limo service in Minneapolis? Of course, you want an attractive, stylish ride and a dapper driver for the experience. You also want a vehicle suited for the occasion, whether you need a ride to an airport or have an elegant event on the horizon. Other questions reveal information about your safety, your agreements, and the people who serve you during the experience.

#1 What Licenses and Insurance Do Your Service Hold?

All limo services should hold the appropriate licenses and insurance required to operate a transportation company. A properly licensed and insured service provider ensures its operational validity and coverage in the event of an accident. If a service can’t provide proof of either, avoid using them.

Licenses may depend on state-specific regulations. For example, transportation companies typically need a DMV license and a business registration. Request to see the licenses before checking that the information listed on them reflects the advertised information.

Good insurance policies won’t hold you liable in the event of even minor accidents. When you hire a limo company, establish which insurance holds liability. You should also find out whether you need different insurance for your specific service request.

#2 What Screening Process Do You Use for Your Chauffeurs?

You want limo drivers who navigate the fleet well. You also want polite, professional treatment during your experience. A reputable service screens their limousine drivers thoroughly. Ask about whether the drivers can pass a drug test and background check.

Many rideshare and taxi services don’t thoroughly check their drivers. They also don’t always use regular drug testing, which can make the experience both unprofessional and unsafe. These requirements also set limo services apart from the average transportation hire. You’ll feel safer with vetted chauffeurs.

#3 Do You Charge Per Mile or Per Hour?

You want a breakdown of where your money goes with any service you hire. You should treat limo services no differently. Whether a service charges per hour or mile will help you make your final decision. You should also request an itemized breakdown of the costs. The receipt should include gas, time spent, refreshments, and other items pertinent to your experience.

#4 Do You Have a Service Guarantee?

One of the questions to ask a limousine service includes whether they have a service guarantee, which will protect the quality of your experience. Limousine services set the standard for luxury experiences.

If you come away from the service completely unsatisfied, you need a point of contact in a position of authority like a manager. The manager should guarantee at least a partial refund if you have a terrible experience. Ask for information about what their service guarantee entails and what you should expect from their service.

#5 What Does Routine Maintenance Look Like?

You want any vehicle you use to stay updated with maintenance. This includes tire rotations, oil changes, tune-ups, and other mechanical fixes. The company should also perform checks on its fleet before a scheduled service to confirm the vehicle works to prevent breakdowns and other bad experiences.

#6 What Protocol Does the Service Use in Breakdown Situations?

If the limousine service routinely maintains its fleet, they rarely experience breakdowns. However, the unexpected still happens even with the utmost care. Find out how the service handles events like breakdowns and traffic accidents.

Ask whether they send a mechanic or a new car in place of the current one. You can also ask how such incidents affect your final bill. If a breakdown or accident does happen during your time with the service, you can predict how they’ll manage it and whether it affects your deadline.

These important questions to ask a limousine service help you prepare for any outcome.

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